Our Vision

To be the leading premier healthcare facility of choice with world class services.

Our Values

Communication – Clarity, efficiency and integrity

Compassion – Care, empathy and understanding

Humility – Dignity, modesty and respect

Leadership – Confidence, innovation and integrity

Accountability – Diligence, honesty and responsibility­­­­­­

To provide quality patient focused healthcare to all communities irrespective of ethnicity, gender, race or religion.

Who is Dr. Ahmed El-Kadi

Dr. Ahmed Elkadi (1940-2009) was a cardio-thoracic and a vascular surgeon who dedicated his life to serving others in multiple capacities.

He was a pioneer in many ways, playing a significant role in the founding of multiple Islamic institutions in the United States, including the Islamic Medical Association, the Islamic Circle of North America and the Institute of Islamic Medicine for Education and Research.

Dr. Elkadi travelled to South Africa several times, helping to establish the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa in 1979. Passionate about Islamic medicine, he had always dreamed of having an Islamic hospital.

How It Began

It was a vision of the founding fathers of the IMASA to establish a hospital, following a discussion of this topic at a conference/AGM.

Two veteran executive members of IMASA, Dr. MC Solwa and Mr. Solly Suleman were tasked with establishing this hospital, which would aptly be named the Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital, after the late Egyptian-American heart surgeon who inspired the founding members of IMASA to take the organization to the next level.

“It is through the grace of Allah (SWT) and the commitment of many individuals that the Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital is now a reality”

– Dr. Goolam M Hoosen, IMA Founding Member